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<a href="./aboutme.html">About Me</a></br>
<a href="">Status Page</a>
<h1> Things that I host (that you can probability use) </h1>
<h1> Things that I host (that you can probably use) </h1>
<a href="./vpn1.html">Outline ShadowSocks VPN hosted in NYC by DO</a></br>
<a href="./vpn2.html">Outline ShadowSocks VPN hosted in Singapore by DO</a></br>
<a href="./vpn3.html">Outline ShadowSocks VPN hosted in Nuremberg by Netcup</a></br>
<a href="./cloud.html">NextCloud</a></br>
<a href="./cloud.html">EricCloud</a></br>
<a href="">Pleroma Instance (Registration Closed)</a></br>
<h1> Canary - Status - Public key</h1>
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