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......@@ -63,6 +63,28 @@ Upload file:
Shorten link:
.B owo
\-l ''
Shuffle a list of domains and pass one to owo (assumes a list of domains in domains.txt, separated by newline):
.B shuf
\-n 1 < domains.txt |
.B xargs
\-I {}
.B owo
\-\-domain {} --screenshot
The above is also achievable using the config file, as all it is is a sourced script:
.B echo
"DOMAIN=$(shuf \-n 1 /absolute/path/to/domains.txt | xargs)" >> domains.txt
If you have a special clipboard manager installed, you can script copying like so:
.B owo
\-\-screenshot \-\-no\-clipboard |
.B your-super-cool-clip
Toggle verbosity (it contains your key so be careful with the output!):
.B owo
owo returns a zero exit status if it succeeds in all given tasks.
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