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Start here
Start here.
## Table of Contents
1. [About](#about)
2. [Specification](#specification)
2. [Why](#why)
3. [Projects](#projects)
## About
LibreChat is a FOSS decentralized Discord clone, licensed under the GPLv3 license.
LibreChat is a FOSS decentralized chat server, compatible with most popular chat services.
## Specification
## Why
Let's say your friend really likes IRC, but you are more of a Matrix person, you try to get them to switch to Matrix but they don't like any of the existing clients. It doesn't matter what chat client you use with LibreChat, as it supports a variety of chat services like IRC(\*), Matrix and even Discord(\*\*).
\* IRC doesn't support all features other services do.
\*\* As Discord doesn't allow self hosting of servers, you will have to modify the official client to point to a LibreChat server.
## Projects
| Project | Language | Build |
| [API]( | Python | TODO |
| [Gateway]( | Elixir | TODO |
| [Web]( | HTML | TODO |
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