1. 03 Oct, 2018 2 commits
  2. 30 Sep, 2018 3 commits
  3. 29 Sep, 2018 8 commits
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  5. 27 Sep, 2018 7 commits
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      Merge rewrite · afbb83c8
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      New and improved, again!
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      Revert "New and improved! (#10)" (#11) · afca531a
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      New and improved! (#10) · c7e9642d
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      * Initial commit
      * Added .gitignore
      * Corrected comment, deleted old code
      * Remove generic "Command Not Found" error, because nobody likes those.
      * Made the ArgParsing configuration look a lot nicer
      * Cleaned up main file, moved edited send func to over.py
      * Made it so simple command errors are not sent to sentry
      * Fixed duplication of arguments after each help command run. Whoops!
      * Removed unnecessary formatting
      * Added arbitrary command logging
      * Added ability for optional arguments to be None without breaking the help formatter
      * Removed Proof-Of-Concept files
      * Added meme commands
      * Updated `neatly` utility to look nicer
      * Added session closing to avoid unclosed sessions in the event of a non-proper shutdown
      * Moved Converters to the utils file
      * Added bot stats commands
      * Minor formatting change, modified function names for about sub-commands
      * No sense in making this run every time the command is run, and os.popen is intense
      * Some things were getting cut off that shouldn't have been
      * You actually have to refresh the repo declaration to get updated information
      * Don't try to show remote urls for commits that don't actually exist on the remote
      * Move looped task to separate function from the "guts" of the operation; allows for other functions to call on the revisions without the loop
      * Change wording of about command so it doesn't look like I'm forever alone
      * Make this less big so I'm less likely to fully restart the bot to push changes
      * Moved the git stuff to here so main.py wasn't so clunky
      * Removed redundant redundancies
      * Moved git stuff again, changed to core to actual core functions, and owner to just owner functions
      * Fixed docstrings
      * Added a bunch of image commands!
      * Moved functions around so they fit nicer in files
      * Added line to DM user if help was too long
      * I hate myself
      * Added fun commands
      * Fixed RIP command, old site had expired
      * Fixed ping command due to custom message function not returning message object for editing
      * Added py3.6+ runtime error at start
      * Added more fun commands!
      * Updated info command, modified missing import
      * Added rudimentary mod commands!
      * Finally got around to adding playing status support
      * Fixed GhostBin
      * Switched to PrivateBin because why not, and added polr url shortening support
      * Minor fixes
      * Pesky PEP-8
      * Minor tweak to make non-functional code functional
      * Add new features to privatebin.py, got rid of extra text wrappings in pastes
      * Added link-follow command
      * Shhhhh
      * Tweaked salty commands
      * Quality-of-Life changes, more informative errors
      * I'm lazy ok
      * Private things are only private to PEP-8
      * Fan favorite
      * Preparing for rewrite push
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      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:EJH2/ground_up · 1d19144c
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      Pushing rewrite
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      Preparing for rewrite push · 4e61e90d
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      Fan favorite · ab3edc0a
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      Private things are only private to PEP-8 · bbe9e4b3
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      Shhhhh · 4caac531
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